In Albuquerque for our closing

The house is done! We have our house walk through scheduled for Monday morning the 6th and the actual closing, when we take possession,  on the 8th. This gives the builder (Paul Allen Homes) time to remedy any items that we may identify during our walk-through.

Since we want to complete several items in the house like getting the garage floor finished with an epoxy coating, completing the home network wiring, thorough cleaning etc. we decided to drive up and spend the week in Albuquerque. Taking turns driving, we can make the drive from Austin to Albuquerque in one day. Today it took us 11.5 hours to drive 707 miles (1131 km). A long day but thankfully large stretches of the route have very little to almost no traffic so it’s not that stressful.

We are both excited and cannot wait to see the house tomorrow morning! Expect an extensive set of  high quality (if I get it right) pictures later in the week.