Preparations Continue

The big task for the day was getting the bikes ready. Although Diane’s bike isn’t scheduled for another oil change for 3k miles we decided to do go ahead and change the oil since that will extend our time on the road so we don’t have to worry about it (6k miles). My bike calls for a valve check/adjustment at 12k miles. Same theory, I only have 10k on the odometer but doing it now will mean I’m good for 6k miles.

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Shake down ride

Going on a long trip without first trying out all the new gear and processes is risky at best so we decided to go for a short day ride, camp over night, and return home the next day. Despite being a short trip, it would give us a chance to try out our equipment as well as experience camping first hand since it had been over 20 years since I camped :-o. Though we had pitched the tent in the backyard, fired up the stoves and gone through our checklist of items to bring it’s not the same as actually camping.

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Stay tuned…

Yes, the site has changed and it’s bare. We’ll be updating the blog and adding content in the days and weeks ahead. As a small teaser, here are some pictures of the motorcycles we will be using for our trip.