8/30/21 – Land of Enchantment

It’s the official byline of the state. New Mexico scenery and variety is little known and underrated. Like Arizona, it features deserts in the south and south east, to the Gila National Forest in Silver City, more forests and ski areas around Taos to scenic routes like Route 96 from Abiquiu Lake to Cuba.

Today’s ride had it all (high desert instead of low Chihuahuan desert around Las Cruces). After route 96 we end up on Indian route 9 which for long stretches is completely straight. Hardly any vegetation, or so it seemed, compared to the forests that we had just ridden through.

Our destination is Gallup where we’ll stay at a hotel in order to get an early start the next day for our final leg home, hoping to beat the afternoon heat in Phoenix. Plus, camping around Gallup is very limited. Made it into town before the rain. One more night before we are back home.


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