8/31/21 – Home

We leave Gallup by 7:20 getting one IH-40 to Holbrook, a 90 mile stretch of freeway that wasn’t bad due to the light traffic that early in the day. At a speed limit of 75mph the freeway portion of today’s riding is over quickly before we settle into the standard route we used to take from Albuquerque when we were house hunting and building in AZ. Holbrook to Heber, then Payson and home.

The Heber to Payson ride goes through the forest and is enjoyable at a comfortable 72F (22C). Even Payson wasn’t too warm yet but that quickly changed as we descend from Payson back towards the Phoenix valley. The monsoon was really strong this year. I haven’t seen the desert this green outside of Payson in a long time. 

We made it home shortly before noon with the temperature thankfully still under 100F (38C), by three degrees F ;-). The house was as we left it. After unloading the motorcycles and having lunch we headed out on a grocery run to restock the refrigerator. I’ll have another post in a couple of days reflecting on our trip.



2 thoughts on “8/31/21 – Home”

  1. I’m glad you’re are home safely, yet sorry that my adventure and pleasure of reading the blog is over! Thank you for being part of your journey!

    1. Thanks for following and commenting Thomas. Very much appreciated. Knowing I wasn’t just writing for myself 😉 was really helpful.

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