The last night at a hotel (for a while), last breakfast buffet, last time packing the bags. We are going to be sleeping in our own bed tonight. Another 300+ mile day of riding mostly flat and straight 70mph country roads. We made good time, arriving in Austin around 14:30 after leaving Midland at 8:30.

Traffic was pretty light until about 50 miles outside of Austin – to be expected on a weekend. We fought the wind after midmorning which makes for a tiring ride. Not too many pictures, sorry — too busy riding :-).

In the next couple of days I’ll post some more with pictures of our gear, what worked, what didn’t and ‘lessons learned’. This is just a quick update to let everyone know we made it home safely.

We want to thank everyone for following along and taking the time to comment. It’s much more interactive and fun that way.

Todays route.

D & O.

Three states in a day

We stayed on IH-10 for about 2/3rds of todays ride since we had a long mileage day ahead, for us on a motorcycle anyway ;-). We are heading back home and planned to get to El Paso, TX today. Hence the three states: AZ, NM, TX. As previously mentioned, freeway riding is tiring and we had enough by the time we got to Deming so we took SR-11 south to SR-9. SR-9 runs about parallel to IH-10 in New Mexico.

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A freeway day

Western Arizona doesn’t offer too many alternatives to make your way across the state to Tucson. After a stretch of about 50 miles of back country roads from Parker we hit IH-10 to SR-85, a connector road that goes to IH-8 to bypass Phoenix.

Once we got to Gila Bend on IH-8 we decided to keep going on the freeway since the long way around on SR-85 via Ajo would have been another 200 miles – after we had already gone about 190 miles. Probably a good call since we saw the towering thunderstorms forming to the south of us – right where we would have been riding. Not to mention that we would have been completely exhausted. Another day when I emptied my 3L water reservoir.

We are going to spend two days in Tucson just looking around, exploring the city and housing.

Todays route.

Travel fatigue

I don’t think there’s a single factor that’s making us tired but rather multiple causes. Staying in hotels, living out of bags and unpredictable hotel wall thickness and neighbors certainly plays a role. Unable to make our own breakfast you are stuck with the hotel’s ‘continental’ breakfast which offer foods that we rarely eat at home – pastries, waffles, toast, scrambled eggs with cheese and cereal. Not to mention the subpar (yes I’m a coffee snob) coffee. Continue reading Travel fatigue

The real ‘lonely’ highway – U.S. 93

For some reason we were on the road early – the earliest so far: 8:10 – maybe because we were up by 5:45 and didn’t have internet to distract us ;-). The remainder of U.S. 50 went through more forests and valleys. We reached Ely by about 11:00. After heading east for two days we started on our way south on U.S. 93…

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The loneliest highway – U.S. 50

After checking out of the happening Atlantis Casino, we went to Starbucks to wait for a call from the dealer to let us know that the part arrived. Once we were all coffee’d out we headed to the dealer around 11:30 since Mike had said that UPS usually delivers between 11:00 and 12:00. When we got there, he already had the part. Dropping the current lock keyed to the ignition key was a snap and the new gas cap installed in less than 10 minutes. Continue reading The loneliest highway – U.S. 50