Three states in a day

We stayed on IH-10 for about 2/3rds of todays ride since we had a long mileage day ahead, for us on a motorcycle anyway ;-). We are heading back home and planned to get to El Paso, TX today. Hence the three states: AZ, NM, TX. As previously mentioned, freeway riding is tiring and we had enough by the time we got to Deming so we took SR-11 south to SR-9. SR-9 runs about parallel to IH-10 in New Mexico.

I first went on this road in 2007 during a week long road trip. Very lonely, very little traffic. So too, this time, we had hardly any traffic. The best part of todays ride :-). It’s hard to describe what it feels like riding through the desert without seeing a single structure. Vast emptiness if it weren’t for the occasional Border Patrol vehicle. Awe inspiring, yet calming at the same time. I highly recommend taking SR9 as an alternative to droning down IH-10.

We got greeted by a quick shower upon our arrival in El Paso.

Todays route.

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