A freeway day

Western Arizona doesn’t offer too many alternatives to make your way across the state to Tucson. After a stretch of about 50 miles of back country roads from Parker we hit IH-10 to SR-85, a connector road that goes to IH-8 to bypass Phoenix.

Once we got to Gila Bend on IH-8 we decided to keep going on the freeway since the long way around on SR-85 via Ajo would have been another 200 miles – after we had already gone about 190 miles. Probably a good call since we saw the towering thunderstorms forming to the south of us – right where we would have been riding. Not to mention that we would have been completely exhausted. Another day when I emptied my 3L water reservoir.

We are going to spend two days in Tucson just looking around, exploring the city and housing.

Todays route.

7 thoughts on “A freeway day”

  1. Pics….yeah!! 😮 …..love the colors at sunset!! Perfect time in the real estate market to go house hunting, maybe you’ll find the perfect hacienda….Enjoy your 2-day rest!

  2. Interesting, especially about the 3L part. Are you using a backpack type system for water?. Wifey and I want to rent some motorcycles in Oct. and check out AZ and I want to be prepared. Anything there you would recommend checking out?

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