Travel fatigue

I don’t think there’s a single factor that’s making us tired but rather multiple causes. Staying in hotels, living out of bags and unpredictable hotel wall thickness and neighbors certainly plays a role. Unable to make our own breakfast you are stuck with the hotel’s ‘continental’ breakfast which offer foods that we rarely eat at home – pastries, waffles, toast, scrambled eggs with cheese and cereal. Not to mention the subpar (yes I’m a coffee snob) coffee.

Furthermore, while on the road we came up with some ‘projects’ we want to do at home before we have to return to work. We are eager to get going on them so additional days on the road reduce the remaining time to get started and work on them. Hence, some anxiety to get back home.

Now that we are back in the southwest a certain sense of familiarity sets in as well – the ‘Been there, done that’ syndrome. The pacific northwest, Canada and northern California were completely new to us and thus had a sense of discovery. Obviously there’s much more to see in Arizona and New Mexico but we have seen a lot of the highlights on earlier trips.

Weather is playing another role. August is probably the worst time to be in this part of the country not only because of the obvious heat but also because August and September is monsoon season which brings unpredictable weather and afternoon thunderstorms – both factors not only making motorcycle riding less than ideal but they also pretty much rule out camping.

Actually, the real reason is that Diane has let herself go and doesn’t fit into her riding gear anymore. I’m getting tired of helping her zip up her pants :-o. Just kidding, I don’t mind helping her zip up her pants. Her right hand (the throttle hand) has been causing her problems for the last couple of weeks and it’s getting worse. It’s painful for her to ride.

7 thoughts on “Travel fatigue”

  1. Hi there.

    I know I have promised, not to get back to the old stories. But I can definitely understand, that 8 weeks on the road is a pretty long time (you remember us heading back through the midwest). So we’re very proud of you holding on for so long!!!

    We hope you get home save and that Diane’s hand ist getting better soon. But we really have to say that we will DEFINITELY miss your stories and pictures!!!

    Best wishes from Isabel & Thomas

    1. Hallo Thomas,

      Thanks for the well wishes and yes, I can definitely remember our last few days on that trip – ready to be back home and thus driving crazy distances and smoking up a storm.


  2. What?? No pics….at all???? You really must be fatigued or maybe you’re just cranky ‘cuz you’re not getting your full allotment of nightly beauty sleep… :0
    Diane, I’m sorry to read about your hand/wrist pain – your tendons are probably inflamed and swollen (tendonitis) from the repetitive motion/gripping of holding the throttle open (wide open throttle all the time, eh Diane) 😉 You should ice it immediately after stopping for the day and also put Icy/Hot on it for nighttime; also, some anti-inflammatory (i.e. Aleeve) probably would help you as well. Take it easy as much as you can for the rest of your trip! Talk to you soon!

    1. Harsh audience ;-). Yeah, you know me, without my 10 hours of sleep I’m a little cranky :D. We’ll have to nurse Diane’s hand back to health when we get back. Good idea about the ice at the end of the day.

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