New Toy – Husqvarna TXC310

After the original 2011 Husqvarna TE310 that I bought used from the dealer had a reoccurring oil leak the stand-up dealer (PJ’s motorcycle) offered to buy back the bike for full credit and instead sell me a new 2012 model.

Originally I was set on buying another TE310 but after it turns out that Husqvarna changed the rear sprocket size to a 40 tooth (geared to tall for desert and trail riding) and I would have to invest another $200 for a new chain and rear sprocket I decided to go the TXC310 route which already had a 50 tooth sprocket and upgraded components. Only drawback is it’s not street legal … yet.

The parts (headlight, brake light, brake switch and mirror) are on order so hopefully by the end of next weekend I’ll be able to take public roads to connect trails. In the mean time here are some pictures of the bike, straight from the dealer before I took it to the desert and got it dirty :-).