Hoover Dam

Per the weather forecast we were greeted with overcast skies this morning. The plan was to ride out to Hoover Dam and then the scenic route around Lake Mead since yesterday was way too hot. There was a 30-40% chance of rain and we were OK with that. What we didn’t factor in was the wind 🙁

We left the hotel around 8:30 heading for Hoover Dam and I’m glad we did since parking there was already getting scarce. Since it wasn’t too warm we spent a good hour just walking around, taking pictures and being typical tourists :-D. It was windy on the way to the dam but not too bad. By the time we left the wind had picked up significantly. This became really apparent on the scenic route (166) along the lake.

After a stop at a scenic pullout and a snack we decided to head back to the hotel since riding wasn’t enjoyable – spending too much time fighting the wind and not looking and enjoying the road. According to weather.com the wind was between 20-30mph gusting up to 37mph. In short – too much. ‘Safety first’ as Diane keeps saying.

Todays route.

2 thoughts on “Hoover Dam”

  1. Cool pics 🙂 …some look very surreal and straight out of “District 9″……glad to see that you made it back safely to the hotel in time before the rain hopefully….so, been hitting the casinos much?? 😉 We know it’s your absolute favorite part of going to Vegas…..have safe travels this week….

    1. Ha! Very funny ;-). Me and gambling is like oil and water – they don’t mix. We didn’t set foot into a single casino though you cannot get away from the gambling since event the grocery stores have one armed bandits! Safe travels to you as well, wherever you are this week.


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