The real ‘lonely’ highway – U.S. 93

For some reason we were on the road early – the earliest so far: 8:10 – maybe because we were up by 5:45 and didn’t have internet to distract us ;-). The remainder of U.S. 50 went through more forests and valleys. We reached Ely by about 11:00. After heading east for two days we started on our way south on U.S. 93…

What can I say, U.S. 93 is another amazing ride, but then again I’m biased towards the beauty of the desert. Someone else may just see a sea of sagebrush and emptiness ;-). U.S. 93 was even more deserted than U.S. 50. Ruler straight roads, flanked by distant mountains and nearby hills covered with small (dwarf) pinon trees that don’t easily fit the picture one might have of a ‘forest’ since they are small and well dispersed.

By the time 14:00 came around we were both pretty tired and our 100oz (3l) Camelbaks pretty empty. Diane read about a visitor center at the nearby state park when we stopped at a rest area (the shot-up STOP sign in the picture gallery). Though the campground at Cathedral Gorge State Park was pretty good we were both looking for some more creature comforts – foremost internet access. We got the name of a hotel in Caliente from the visitor center at the state park. It fit the bill.

Todays route.

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