Valve Adjustment Completed

With the missing 8mm wrench in hand I went into the garage after breakfast to finish the valve adjustment on my bike. Hmm, that’s an awfully small wrench and that nut sure looks bigger … sure enough, it doesn’t fit. Huh, WTF, too small!??!?

I start cracking up, the 10mm wrench (I had three of those 🙂 ) fits. At first I suspect the instructional video, simply stating the size wrong but I watched it again and there it is in the audio track as well as on the screen – 10mm wrench. Hah, too funny. Makes me wonder where I got the 8mm from. Taking it all in strides. I finish up the adjustment as well as an air filter change; it all takes longer than expected but I have already planned for that. After I’m done with the bike I work on the tool kit and other smaller projects while the temperature is climbing outside. By the time I get back inside it’s 15:00 and 96F in the garage. A tad warm, but that’s OK, I’m drinking plenty of water and enjoying myself. For those that know me, I’m thermally challenged, getting cold easily (basically anything under 60F ;-)) so hanging out in the garage when it’s warm is not so bad. Here are some pictures.

8 thoughts on “Valve Adjustment Completed”

  1. Hi Oliver,
    having renovated a house, I know about the trouble with all those wrench and nuts sizes. For removing a part of the heating I needed a 17cm nut. After working on it, I discovered that I have thrown it away with the waste. Needed to buy a new one for 13 Euro to fix the screw on the heating again…
    And here’s a little weather update: 29 C and 77% humidity 😉

    Greetings, Thomas

    1. Hi Thomas,
      Ouch. 13 Euros, that’s steep but fits the pattern. Sears wanted $6 for a single wrench. Looks like summer has arrived in full force with high humidity .


  2. I would have had a wrench, but the only thing that fitted was a nut 🙁

    We are doing quite well and will spend some time at the computer with some maps to see where you are travelling. Especially me, I’m looking forward to seeing some places I’ve been to as well 🙂

    We cross our fingers, that your bikes are doing well and nothing happens. Don’t forget all the tools 😉


  3. I’ve just come across another very simple question: will you have enough electricity (plugs or so) to recharge a Macbook???? I hope so!!! Otherwise I will have no chance of participating 😉


    1. Good question ;-). A fair number of campgrounds offer electricity at tent sites. Also, we don’t plan on camping all the time, so we’ll have an chance to ‘recharge’ at hotels – literally as well as figuratively.


  4. Hi Di,

    Well, today is Wednesday (07/01) and I hope you guys are on the road and riding in good weather! The weather is gorgeous here in Denver, but expected to have a very hot day…upper 90s…WHEW…very hot for Denver!


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