Bad fork seal- update

We’ll be spending another day in Boise. The BMW dealer can work on the bike on Thursday morning to replace the fork seal. A big ‘thank you’ to Neil in the service department for fitting us into their busy schedule. No 6k service but we’ll worry about that later. A leaking fork seal is a safety hazard (bad handling, dripping fork oil on the brake rotor if it deteriorates more) and thus needs to be addressed.

3 thoughts on “Bad fork seal- update”

  1. Hey Di if you’re hungry in Boise you can stop by Nick n Willy’s pizza and say hi to Larry! LOL

    Good luck with the repairs.

    See ya!
    Mike Cheryl Ashley (from Vegas)

  2. Hi M,C&A,

    Thanks for the tip. I just looked them up and only see one in Boise so hope that’s Larry’s. It doesn’t look far from where we’re at. Does he actually work there?!? Since we’re stuck here and tired of eating at Subway, we may go check it out.

    How’d you do in Vegas?
    Take care,

  3. Di
    As far as I know he has the 1 remaining Nick n Willy’s in Boise and I think he is there running it.

    Vegas has been HOT!!! Apparently the hottest week of the year so far. I didn’t do so good bowling. In fact 1 game I was lower than then temperature outside. Fortunately it has been record heat. LOL. Cheryl did reaaly gOod and Bruce won a little money.

    Overall having a great time hanging with Bruce and gang and enjoying Vegas!

    Good luck with the tripand the bike(s).

    See ya
    M C A

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