Lewiston, ID to Sandpoint, ID

Not a very exciting ride. We rode north on US 95 all day through western Idaho. Mostly farming and national forest. A busy road without much of a shoulder to pull over and take pictures. We stopped in Coeur de Alene for lunch before heading to Sandpoint where we spent the night in a hotel close to downtown so we could walk around.

While traffic was crazy when we arrived, by the time we went looking for a restaurant the place was close to deserted. Ended up in a ‘Gingerman like’ pub with a very good menu, i.e. lots of vegetarian choices, called Eichardt’s Pub Grill & Coffee House. Not much else to report.

Here’s todays route.

One thought on “Lewiston, ID to Sandpoint, ID”

  1. Enjoying your blogs and following your route. See that you stopped @ Coeur de Alene. What a beautiful lake. Did you see the floating 18th hole of their golf course in the lake? Pretty challenging.

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