Missoula, MT to Great Falls, MT

We are trying to time the weather and our drive through Glacier National Park on the Going-to-the-Sun Road, hence the intermediary stay in Great Falls. The weather should clear up tomorrow. We could have also gone to West Glacier first but the hotel situation in Kalispell and Whitefish was not good. Few available and rather pricy.Though a shorter ride it was very beautiful until just outside of Great Falls. The day started off in the mountains on well maintained route 200 out of Missoula. Easy cruising, wide turns, no mountain passes. We stop in Lincoln for gas but the pumps are not working due to last night’s thunderstorm. We gassed up in Missoula so the fact that the next gas is over 60 miles away is no big issue though some other riders at the gas station were already on reserve and were scrambling for gas with the locals.

Today’s route.

4 thoughts on “Missoula, MT to Great Falls, MT”

    1. Glacier had amazing views but traffic through the park was bad an there was quite a bit of road constructions with crappy roads. Too many people. A lot of the pull outs where packed :-(. Nonetheless, stunning scenery.


  1. Hey guys,

    Did you figure out what was causing Diane’s bike’s wobble again? All that new and heavy thread on her tires? 😉 Hope it’s not anything serious. I’ll be in Winnipeg, Calgary and Edmonton next week for business. Will you already be on your way back from Canada by then?

    1. Since they had to remove the rear wheel to change the tire it wasn’t aligned right again. Same fix as last time – loosen the axel nut and make sure the chain alignment marks are the same on both sides – did that yesterday in Great Falls. All is well again. We are in Whitefish, MT tonight (27th) and will cross into Canada tomorrow. Not sure how long we’ll be in CA.


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