Moab, UT

People started to avoid us, turning blue in the face when they talked to us. At first I thought it was because Diane forgot to put on deodorant but when we caught a whiff of ourselves [really, just me] we came to same conclusion: time to do laundry. Driving through the desert in protective clothing will get to your gear after a while no matter how high tech the gear is ;-).

Laundry was only one reason to stop. We also needed a mental break after riding for six days. That plus catching up on e-mail, the blog and the fact that Moab had two microbreweries was purely incidental ;-). We enjoyed the day and even took some pictures.

One thought on “Moab, UT”

  1. Sounds like you had a nice and relaxing day after several somewhat stressful riding days including “white knuckles” during the hail event 😮 Just so you know, we’re vicariously living through your adventures on and off the road 😉 Enjoy!

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