No motorcycles today :-(

Diane’s bike is done but the the R1200GS is still being reassembled. Joe the service manager called at 17:15 (they close at 18:00) and said that it would be ‘really close to 18:00’, if at all, that the bike would be ready. By the time the cab would have gotten to the campground, plus rush hour traffic we may have not made it to the dealer by the time they closed.

Since we had already planned on staying until tomorrow anyway we decided it would be best to pick up the bikes tomorrow morning. Should be early in the morning – they open at 9:00. I’d rather not have the mechanic rush to finish by tonight and then forget something – oops left over pieces :-o. Not good, especially since there are no BMW dealers where we are heading.

So, another night and morning without our cooking gear since we left the panniers at the dealer (note to self: if bringing in the bikes for service, leave the panniers wherever we are staying). Dinner tonight was some vegetarian sushi rolls and beer – the sushi we picked up at a restaurant within walking distance from the campground, the beer at the campground store.

The natives are getting restless :-).

One thought on “No motorcycles today :-(”

  1. Hi Diane and Oliver,

    I just finished catching up on your all your reports and photos. What a journey (weather issues, bike issues, etc.) you guys had so far! I’m glad you guys are taking things in strides.

    Thank for sharing your journey and the amazing photos. I’m learning lots and I can’t wait to read more.

    I hope you do not have anymore bike issues.

    Take care,


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