Santa Fe, NM

Just a quick update. We are in Santa Fe, NM – getting ready to eat dinner. Yesterday we rode from Midland, TX to Alamogordo, NM. The theme of this trip so far: Chasing the rain. In the last two days we have ridden through rain in the late afternoon forcing us to cancel our camping plans for Cloudcroft, NM. Today we had reservations for a Rancheros De Santa Fe campground. It rained when we arrived but was clearing up so we stayed. Pictures to follow…

One thought on “Santa Fe, NM”

  1. Sounds like a lot of rain for a desert 😉 Hope you are going to have better conditions in days ahead. Could the difference in mileage be due to driving “straight” in different ways (Schlangenlinien)?
    We’ll be “off” for two days to Amsterdam, so sorry for not commentig until Thursday.
    Best wishes from Thomas and Isabel

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