Along the Oregon Coast

The weather didn’t improve overnight though it felt a little warmer this morning. Low clouds hovering over the mountains greet us in the hotel parking lot as we get ready to ride further south on U.S. 101. The day’s goal is Reedsport, OR or there about.

Traffic is still heavy, especially through the resort/tourist towns of Lincoln City and Newport though there seem to be fewer RVs on the road today. Riding along 101 it seems there’s a beach or state park every other mile. Simply amazing. Even more so is the fact that a lot of the state campgrounds have the ‘FULL’ signs out! Call us whimps but we have no desire to camp in this sub 70 degree weather. Sitting around the picnic table in a jacket to keep warm isn’t my idea of fun. I have been living in hot climates too long I suppose.

Hence we are staying at the ‘Economy Inn’ in Reedsport. The room rate is anything but ($81) for an old (though clean) room. The Best Western in town only had smoking rooms – pass on that. The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area is nearby so that’s not helping with the prices.

Todays route.

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  1. Happy Birthday to Di,
    Happy Birthday to Di,
    Happy Birthday D-i-a-n-e….
    Happy Birthday to you !!!

    Hugs, Purrs and Barks from the Cali gang….

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