Eating while on the road

Sounds easy enough but it can be a bit of a challenge as vegetarians. That was one of the reasons why we made our own breakfast (oatmeal and banana). We usually had an apple and some nuts or an energy bar for a mid morning snack. Lunch was usually late (after 13:00) and in the beginning consisted of cheese and bread and a vegetable, eating at the store or in the parking lot. Later on we alternated cheese with hummus.

Before we left on our trip Diane found a recipe for a vegetarian ‘tuna’ spread on a vegetarian web site. We tried this recipe but slightly modified for ‘road conditions’ using one can of garbanzo beans, a ripe avocado half, some green onions and garlic mashed up with a fork in a pot. It’s a very tasty spread to put on bread. Sometimes, we used left over hummus from our lunch meal instead of an avocado.

Another quick meal was a can of cooked lentils, some broccoli florets, garlic and pepper. Heat the can of lentils and simply stir in the broccoli cut into smaller pieces. Very tasty too. Finally, we also carried some couscous with us which we used together with fresh vegetables. None of these meals are fancy but are easy to prepare in camp, are tasty (to us anyways 😉 ) and nutritious.

One thought on “Eating while on the road”

  1. Thank you so much!! Since I’m a fanatic recipe collector, I appreciate pretty much getting new influences. And – I agree, it’s a hard job, getting all this done “on the road”! Not only for vegetarians, but much more…
    Best wishes and thank’s a lot, Thomas

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