Hovenweep – Ruins Trail hike

We got through the rainstorm with much less leakage. There were a couple of drops but nothing that wouldn’t allow us to go to sleep. Morning broke with lingering black clouds but no rain.

The national monument has several hikes of varying length with the ‘ruins trail’ directly accessible from the campground. It doesn’t get any nicer than that. Though we had to vacate our campsite we only had to move the packed up bikes maybe 20 feet to another parking area before we go on our hike. Very nice. We opted for the 1 hour Ruins Trail since the next nearest trail was 8 miles round trip, a bit much for us. We walked at a leisurely pace taking lots of photos so it took us 90 minutes to complete.

After the hike it was onwards to Moab, UT where we were expecting delivery of our new rain fly the next day.

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