Moab to Torrey, UT

I tried to capture the incredible scenery that we were riding through on highway 24 today even though it involved a 30 mile section of I-70 which didn’t make Diane very happy, especially with a speed limit of 80mph. Thankfully, traffic on the interstate was light and we were off of it before long. Avoiding the interstate all together would have been a two day detour since Canyonlands National Park extends quite a way south with no easy east-west connection.  No epic hikes today, just beautiful landscape.

We arrived in Torrey early in the afternoon and checked out the campsite mentioned by Diana and Faulk. All looked good so we set up camp. We took the opportunity to walk around and check out the farmer’s market after getting frustrated by the extremely slow/non-working internet connection. At first I suspected a little girl watching a video on her tablet (streaming Youtube or Netflix) hogging the available bandwidth. I was about to go over and yank it out of her little hands and catapult it across the campground before Diane stepped in to stop me ;-). Yet, even when she shut it down the connection still sucked.

After walking around for about forty minutes in Torrey, checking out the abandoned original settlers’ cabins we went to the ‘farmer’s market’ – basically four or five vendors selling their wares. Diane made me support the local economy by buying a small $6 loaf of bread! Ouch. Nonetheless, we had a good time … and the bread was pretty good. Plus, Diane got to play with two doggies while hanging out at our campsite in the evening.

Looking at these pictures I realized that beauty is obviously in the eyes of the beholder and while some might find this landscape bleak and ‘just a bunch of rocks’ we really liked it.

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