Cold and wet ride to Smithers, BC

We knew what lay ahead for the day, more intermittent rain with high winds thrown in for good measure :-). Navigation would be easy today, get on highway 16, also know as the Yellowhead Highway, head west and get off in Smithers some 370 km later. Even I can manage that without the GPS.

Despite the inclement weather we rode through beautiful countryside today. The terrain started out pretty flat but became more hilly and eventually mountainous towards the end. As you would expect, there is lots of lumber harvesting and processing. We saw numerous sawmills along the way. They were easy to spot because of the exhaust plume that poked out over the forest. The scent of pine trees hits you unexpectedly the first couple of times as you ride by.

Arriving in Smithers cold and tired after a strenuous day of riding we hotel it again. Plus 15C (59F) wasn’t that appealing for camping with weather still lingering in the area as well.

Todays route.

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