More high desert – Winnemucca, NV

Clouds were already building in the distance as we were packing up our campsite this morning :-(. Forecast hadn’t called for rain but reality said otherwise.

As soon as we got on the road the temperature starts dropping into the high seventies. Rain loomed large in the distance to the west. We are on a remote stretch of road and were riding under clouds all morning. Kind of eerie being the only vehicles on this stretch for miles on end. I was hoping we would be able to skirt along that wall of rain as we were heading south. We almost made it, getting rained on briefly right outside Fields, OR where the wind also picked up like crazy. We stopped for $3.95/gal gas ($3.27 usually) and a pee break. An old style pump with analog readouts (!) where you pump and then tell the cashier what it cost. Gotta like that level of trust :-).

Had a steady tail wind for most of highway 140, right before it turned more easterly and we had sideway winds :-o. Fun times. Not. Lean, straighten, lean, straighten in rhythm to the wind gust. Couldn’t hold 70mph. Too dangerous. We got caught in major wind the last 5 miles into town as we rode along another storm. This was even more scary as we were close to getting blown into the other lane. After a gas stop and grocery shopping in Winnemucca, NV we decide to call it a day. Checked into the KOA by 14:30 which has the nicest showers of any KOA we’ve been to so far.

Todays route.


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