8/21/21 – Most Eastern point on our trip – Newberry, MI

We were happy for our day of rest yesterday, even knowing full well that we might be riding into rain the next day. I felt the benefit of having a day off outweighed the potential for rain. We talked about how we would break camp if it was raining and I had put the camp kitchen with all the food we would need for breakfast into the tent so I could cook in the vestibule if needed.

When we went to bed the forecast called for rain starting at 7:00 so we set our alarm for 5:00, hoping to beat the rain while breaking camp. Thankfully, over night, the rain chances got pushed further into the morning, closer to 9:00 with a much reduced chance at that. Whew. No mad dash this morning. Followed our normal routine, leaving the campground right around 7:30 – since there was no pressing need we didn’t roll out of ‘bed’ until 5:30 which also gave us more daylight.

Another windy day unfortunately. The first part of the ride, north on highway 95 was scenic and nearly empty with the wind mostly at our backs. Both conditions changed once we got on highway 41 riding towards Marquette. Major traffic and crazy cross winds from all directions – felt like we were in a washing machine :-(. After a stop to stock up on groceries we continued east. Wind and traffic were major distractions on what would have been another scenic ride.

Random observation. Passing these little towns along the way, you see a lot of buildings seemingly abandoned and decaying. Not just private homes but school buildings, offices, business are effected, too. It’s a mixed bag of complete neglect to nicely kept homes and yards.


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