Challis, ID to Boise, ID

Boise? Yes, another change in plans. After looking at the weather forecast for Missoula, MT (mid 60s F [15 C] and rain) we decide to alter our route and head south. Taking scenic route 75 and then 21 to Boise was the plan for the day.
It was warm when we packed the bikes but once we got going the brisk morning air was too cold to keep the zippers in our jackets open. We soon pulled over to close them. As we ride route 75 along the Salmon River we pretty soon realize we need another layer of clothing. My guestimate is that it’s in the mid 50’s. Chilly. As we reach Stanley we stop for a food break and add our final layer of clothing – our MontBell jackets. After a restroom break and some coffee we keep going.

It was cold at 6600 feet. I was wearing my winter gloves and had the hand grip heater at full blast. On route 21, also known as the Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway, we had one more mountain pass to get through. An amazing ride from Lowman into Idaho City. Turn after turn, switchbacks, barely a straight stretch of road that’s more than 1000ft (305m) long.

By the time we get into Idaho City we are mentally drained from all the technical turns and take a quick snack/gas break. I wanted to call the campground in Boise but no cell phone signal so we ride into town and stop at another Albertson’s for some lunch. The phone now works and the campground has tent space left. Great. I had programmed the GPS with the address in the morning and after 30 minutes through Boise rush hour traffic we finally reach the ‘campground’.

Hmm. Something doesn’t look right. The RV’s parked look pretty permanent, the tent spaces are all the way at the edge of the place. Restrooms/showers require a hike across the place cutting through RV space and the facilities close at 10PM with a porta-potty provided at the tent area. I should have recognized all the warning signs but I pay the $27 nonetheless because it’s 17:00 by now and we are both tired, ready to call it a day. When we get to tent area it just doesn’t feel right. The back of the area is publicly accessible, it just didn’t feel safe or like all the other campgrounds we have stayed at. This is a permanent RV settlement. After a brief discussion with Diane, we decide to cut our losses and get a hotel. Call us wimps.

The Holiday Inn Express we selected has non-working internet access 🙁 Not our day, so we drink our remaining beers and go to bed.

Here’s the route.

3 thoughts on “Challis, ID to Boise, ID”

  1. Hi,
    I love the photo of the porta-potty, but hey, what about the things you’ve drunk;-)
    Wonderful landscape! I would not have stayed on the cg either.
    Greetings, T+I

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