(Evil) Google Maps

For those of you that have been following along and are checking our route via the provided link no Google Maps, you get to thank Diane for all her hard work on putting them together. Not only that, but if you haven’t clicked on the blue pins, the links, or the 45 degree sloping line on the left, please do since Diane actually includes additional comments and information in them :-).

Why evil you ask? Well, let’s just say that Diane has uttered a few choice words when working with the program – case in point is a pop-up box that appears when clicking on the ‘send as e-mail’ button. The pop-up has a URL and two buttons that read ‘Create new map’ – WTF?? Diane has been patient and persistent in getting it all to work. Big ‘thank you’ to her :D.

P.S. Comments may not exist on all maps – so they are like easter eggs ;-).

2 thoughts on “(Evil) Google Maps”

  1. Diane, thanks for putting those maps together! 🙂
    Both of you: Good to see you seem to enjoy the ride. Although I guess you would not mind some better weather… Pretty bad here as well – tonight I woke up due to a pretty heavy thunderstorm. Even the weather guy in the radio said he woke up. Man, I was happy about not sleeping in a tent. 😉 I would have picked the hotel as well.
    Wish you nice & dry ride for today, which for you will only start in a few hours… So have a good night right now! 🙂 Take care, Daniel

    1. Hallo Daniel,

      Thanks for the comment. Yes, we are enjoying our ride :-). Tent and rain/thunder are not a good combination. According to the local news (Boise, ID) the weather has been unusual with wide swings in the temperature. Yesterday (7/13) it was only 75F, by Thursday they will get to 101F :-o.



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