Lava Hot Springs, ID to Challis, ID

Per our decision last night, we broke camp without making breakfast and headed to Pocatello for an Albertson’s supermarket that had a Starbucks inside which we had found last evening via the internet. Double duty – get coffee as well as some groceries for the next few days :-). Sunday morning in Pocatello was pretty slow so we took our time drinking coffee and shopping.After we stocked up we were on our way to Challis, ID to start our scenic drive north on US 93 towards Missoula, MT. The drive on 26 across the eastern plains was boooring (even Diane thought so), straight road, no special scenery, unless you call huge watering stations on wheels ‘scenery’. We had lunch with the items we bought earlier in the day in Arco.

From Arco the road turned more interesting … as the cumulus clouds started building :-(. The developing thunderstorms over the mountains made for some amazing views and pictures. Arriving in Challis surrounded by thunderstorms and lightning we decided to call it a day, skip the camping and get a hotel. Good idea by Diane (apparently she didn’t want to be in the tent with lightning and rain, not sure why not ;-)) because we had barely gotten our gear off the bikes before it started raining :-(. Once again the rain has caught up with us. Hopefully, we’ll be greeted by blue skies for our ride up to Missoula tomorrow.

p.s. As we’re writing this post, a huge windstorm just blew threw along with more rain. Thought the bikes would tip over! The wind has finally died down but the clouds are still pretty dark and there is lightning striking in the distance … glad we’re inside.

Here’s the route.

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  1. Great photos and blog! Please keep them coming. I am loving every minute of it. As you know I am insanenly jealous. Hopefully I will do the same some day.



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