Manila, UT to Lava Hot Springs, ID

Overcast skies greeted us when we woke up. Not a good sign. While getting ready and breaking camp we kept a watchful eye on the weather. We got a few sprinkles but it dried out quickly.

A pretty uneventful day as far as riding goes. Mostly wide open vistas with gentle sweeping turns – Diane’s kind of riding :-). We did pull off US 30 to look at the Fossil Butte National Monument in Wyoming. We arrived late in the afternoon at the KOA in Lava Hot Springs after a lunch stop in Montepelier.

The description in the KOA booklet we read in Manila sounded good so that’s were we headed. Talk about false advertising. The place was just shy of a dump. Only one central toilet/shower facility for the entire campground, WiFi only working in the office, and right by the rail road track. To boot, our tent side was next to a pool of standing water and we (or rather I) was immediately attacked by mosquitos when we took our helmets off. Crap. We quickly pitched our tent and then I rode into town to pick up some Samual Adams Lager. We drank half and did some route planning for the next day, all the while fighting off mosquitos before heading for the safety of the tent by 20:30.

We decided that evening that rather than fight mosquitos again in the morning when making breakfast we would just break camp and head into Pocatello, ID to get some coffee at a Starbucks.

Here’s the route.

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