Scheduled maintenance: Oil changes

Both motorcycles have gone 6k+ miles since the last oil change. We are at Diane’s parents in the bay area so before we arrived I called various BMW dealers to make sure they had the oil and filters we needed to do an oil change. A&S BMW Motorcycles near Sacramento had a special on oil changes – cheaper than if I were to buy the parts myself.

We were on the road by 8:30, heading from Red Bluff to Roseville (a little east of Sacramento) to the BMW dealer. I had confirmed they could fit us in. The ride was boring and then stressful the closer we got to Sacramento. The dealer was great, we were in and out of there in 2 hours. Great people, great service.

From Roseville we rode to Diane’s parents in Pleasant Hill where we will be spending a couple of days to visit with friends and family and get some ‘butt downtime’. For me this was, so far, the most stressful riding – between 3 and 5 lanes of thick traffic and wind. I’ll take twisties any day over this.

So, probably no posts for the next few days – they have been somewhat repetitive anyways and you guys are probably getting bored ;-).

D & O

Todays route.

5 thoughts on “Scheduled maintenance: Oil changes”

  1. Hey, we’re never bored…I think you might be getting tired of the daily recaps … 😮 Hope your weather in Northern Cali is as nice as it’s been here in L.A. all week. I forgot how nice it is with such low humidity….love it! Enjoy your time with your peeps!!

  2. Just like the pre-posts say: Please keep on riding and posting! 😉
    Best wishes from Isabel and Thomas

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