California State Route 36 – from Fortuna on the coast to Red Bluff inland. This road is legendary and considered by many one of the best motorcycle roads in California. It has everything, big sweeping turns, technical switchbacks, 180 degree turns along the mountain side. Like SR 96, the road follows every single terrain feature especially on the eastern end where the section is know as the ‘roller coaster’ for the frequent up and downs in the road. Diane was really nervous about riding this road. The toughest part was right at the beginning: first through thick pine forests where the shadows played tricks on your eyes and the trees were literally next to the black top, touching it at times. No margin for error. Then came a section of one and a half lane wide road without a divider line and traffic from the opposite direction. We took it slow but it still was a little nerve racking.

Rather than describe it myself here are two links to write-ups about the road. We took our time with hourly stops to rest and eat. A truly amazing ride. Not that many photos because we had to concentrate on riding and not that many places to pull out. Diane still liked yesterday’s ride on SR-96 better. 🙂

Todays route.

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