Getting Ready…

Camping gear and riding gear is spread throughout the house – it’s one big staging area :-). It looks (somewhat) chaotic but there’s order as we are putting our things together to go on another motorcycle trip.

The plan is to do more hiking and exploration this time. We’ll still get to spend plenty of time on the motorcycles but if we are in a state or national park/monument that has interesting hiking trails we want to explore them – staying more than one night so it’s not a constant ‘set-up-camp, sleep, take-down camp’ routine.

To avoid the summer heat and monsoon season as best as we can we will first go north, into Colorado. That’s the extent of our travel planning :-o. We have the first three stops mapped out but after that we’ll play it by ear.  See what the weather does, what we are interested in, etc. That’s no accident since the absence of a fixed, multi-week route with daily targets can be quite liberating. Once temperatures start to cool a little we’ll head south towards Southern Utah to explore Capitol Reef National Park and Canyonlands National Park.  Those are our current plans.

We’ll post pictures and updates as we make our way across the West.

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  1. Hope you both have a wonderful trip! I look forward to the updates and pictures. Enjoy!!

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