Home to Navajo Lake State Park, NM

Getting on the road in the morning usually takes longer than planed. Besides loading the bikes we also have to get the house ready for our trip. It’s not a big deal … just a lengthy checklist. We left Albuquerque around 10:30. Knowing that we would leave later in the morning we picked a destination that was reachable by mid afternoon.

Our route took us on US 550 to Cuba, NM. We were eager to leave the four lane highway and ride on smaller, less traveled roads when we turned north on NM 537 which connected us with US 64 and then to Navajo Lake State Park. Fun day of riding :-).

The challenge for the day was finding a level site in the campground since the camping area is along side a slope. I did a lot of walking around to check sites while Diane was cooling off in the shade ;-). Just kidding. <<Diane here: no shade for me! I was busy chatting up one of the campers to get the scoop on campsites and playing with Corky the Corgi.>> We were appreciative of the fact that the weather was cooperating especially since we had been having one of the wettest monsoon seasons in years. We eventually found a flat site and after setting up camp and taking advantage of the free showers, we finished off the rest of a bottle of wine we had started but not finished at home. We called it an early night and fell asleep not long after the sun went down.

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