Heading back east

After picking up the correct part at the dealer around 11:00 and then installing it, we are ready to get out of Las Vegas even if it means going on I15 with wind gusts up to 20mph. Thankfully, the traffic on the interstate is pretty light and we exit in St. George to go on State Route (SR) 9, then 59 towards Kanab, UT. Leaving Nevada, we enter Utah (St. George) only to head into Arizona on SR 59 which eventually turns back north into Utah. Three states in one day 🙂 .

A day of riding and a late start brings us into the Hitch ‘n Post (yes, another campground by the same name) smack in the middle of ‘downtown’ Kanab. The bathrooms are straight out of the 1950’s but at least they are clean. Not much to do or report. Just hanging out, going over paper maps and searching Google maps while listening to the announcer and crowds cheering at the nearby high school football game.

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