Heading west again and trying to avoid the rain

Even when we don’t have to take down and pack a tent it takes us long in the morning to leave 🙂 (damn, all out of excuses). Then again, we weren’t really in a hurry to get stuck in Denver rush hour traffic so it was around 10:30 when we finally left Mike’s place. Leaving Denver behind us we were heading into uncertain weather with black clouds looming all around us. Since my ‘point&shoot’ camera that hangs on a lanyard around my neck isn’t waterproof it stayed in the tank bag for most of today’s ride.

Instead, you will have to use your imagination. Try to visualize pine forrested mountains and winding roads all the way until Buena Vista when we dropped back into the valley. Some stretches of road were just too scenic so I had to pull over and take pictures. It was a long day of riding (244 miles) and about 16:30 when we arrived at our campground for the night just outside South Fork, CO. Although we didn’t get rained on during the ride, we did get rain that evening. The second equipment failure of the trip was the leaky tent ‘fly’ (cover) that’s supposed to be waterproof.

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