Boise, ID at the BMW dealer

No avoiding the freeway today unless we want to more than double our riding time to Boise. There are no direct secondary roads so we get on I-84 for a two hour ride to Boise. Thankfully traffic was light.

Since Diane’s bike was in danger of overheating we changed up our riding order. I usually ride out front but today she led the way so that I would have a chance to  stop with her if she needed to pull over to the side of the road. I had trouble keeping up with Diane’s heavy gas hand, she was riding like a bat out of hell, wringing that 798cc engine for what it had to give :-).

As soon as we pulled into the dealer’s parking lot, the overheating warning came back on so they could see it first hand. Once we took all the luggage and panniers off her bike they took it back to do diagnostics. After a while the technician came back with a diagnosis of a faulty thermostat. Since they didn’t have the part in stock they would need to order it with overnight delivery. So, another hotel night for us, staying in downtown Boise.

It’s late afternoon by the time we check in. A quick google search shows multiple brew pubs within walking distance. We jointly exclaim ‘Pub Crawl!’ :-). Well, more like a two-step event because we are light weights. We stopped at Barbarian Brewing and 10 Barrel.

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