Ely, NV to Twin Falls, ID

It’s cold in the morning at the higher elevation of 6000+ feet, even in the summer. Waking to a frigid 44F makes that hot coffee taste and feel that much better. I’m  like a lizard, seeking out the sun, trying to warm up sitting on a log. Thankfully, the temperature rises quickly so it’s in the 60’s by the time we pack up and leave.

We ride all day on US 93, more high desert with the occasional farming community sprinkled in. Again, beautiful scenery though the temperature never made it above 70F until we reached Twin Falls. We are prepared for it though, wearing our heated liner under our outer shell riding jacket. It’s now nice and toasty, just the way I like it :-).

The BMW F700GS is spewing radiator coolant again and the ‘overheating’ warning light is coming on when at a stop. This is not good and cannot be ignored anymore. Sigh.

Déjà vu, same state, same bike brand but it was 2009. Diane’s BMW F650GS had leaking fork seals so we had to stop in Boise at the BMW dealer to have the seals replaced. And, once again, we need to stop for unscheduled maintenance. Diane called the dealer which thankfully has an opening the next day late AM. With the appointment made it’s time to find a place to sleep for the night.

The first campground’s tent area is right on high traffic US30 and thus way too noisy and exposed. On we ride for another 15 minutes to the KOA in Jerome. Right off US 93 but set back some. The campground is packed in tight with small RV spaces and even smaller tent sites. Actually calling it a tent site is a stretch since the grass area where you are supposed to pitch your tent is smaller than the gravel parking space! The other tent space backed up to a pasture/junk yard with cows on it. The place just gave us a bad vibe plus they wanted $37+ for a tent site! Pass. Stayed in a hotel in Twin Falls instead.

Todays route.

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