Into the Yukon Territory to Watson Lake, YT

Damn, it’s cold this morning. The readout from my motorcycle dashboard says 4C (39F). My fingers turn to icicles as I get coffee and breakfast ready. Cannot feel my little toes and my nose drips like a leaky faucet – sorry for the unpleasant picture. I must have some kind of genetic defect because cold just goes right through me. Oh well. We did our sun worship routine once it cleared the pine trees ;-).

We cannot wait to put on our heated gear and get on the road. No second cup of coffee this morning. The sun is shining again as we ride further north. I’m starting to repeat myself but again we have awesome scenery and weather for our ride. No more gravel either though the road still has no lane markings and is a bit rough in places.

Todays ride to Watson Lake was short so we get into town around 13:00. We evaluate the camping/hotel options. First stop was a campground just before we entered town. Diane stayed at the intersection while I went to check things out. Good thing she waited as it was about 4.5km of gravel only to find out it had pit toilets and no potable water. No, thanks.

After last night, we really wanted a shower and to do laundry so we end up staying at the historic Air Force Lodge. Former Air Force barracks renovated and turned into a dorm-like hotel. Rooms are very clean, though small, with shared showers and restrooms. Hosts have a ‘no shoes’ policy as well which gives the place a different, homey feel. A nice place to warm-up, decompress and figure out where we want to go from here.

Todays route.


4 thoughts on “Into the Yukon Territory to Watson Lake, YT”

  1. I enjoy all your commentary, Oliver…even your nasal flow status. Keep it up! Thanks also for writing captions on some pictures. What’s that white stuff on top of the mountains? 😁 (another over 110F day here in the valley😎)

    1. Thanks Jenna :-). White stuff on the mountains in July, yes we are not in Kansas anymore. Good to know that the photo captions are helpful. I’ll continue to add them. Try to stay cool!

  2. The “Air Force Lodge” was a good option over the campground with the pit toilet and no potable water…We’re really enjoy your updates and pics……Stay safe..

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