Retracing our steps to Little Fort, BC

We are coming back down highway 97 heading south towards Kamloops. The reason we picked Kamloops is that my motorcycle needs an oil change and Kamloops has a Suzuki dealership. More on that later.

The ride on 97 takes us through familiar countryside of rolling hills and farmland carved out of the forest. Rather than taking the busy 97 highway all the way to highway 1 into Kamloops we cut across shortly after 100 Mile House onto highway 24 towards Little Fort. Getting away from the traffic on 97 felt good and we really enjoyed that last hour of riding.

Why Little Fort? Diane had read a post about a diner that served big portions and had great pie. A good enough reason for us :-). The diner also has a motel with camping spots in the back. As usual, the camping was along the highway which was not so good but we were tired and didn’t feel like riding anymore. There was no shortage of mosquitoes and we had to lather up with bug spray again. Just as we finished setting up the tent we heard the freight train going by blowing its whistle. The train came by about once an hour :-(. To top things off, the dark clouds followed us into town so we got rain during the night. Not the best night of sleep.

We did, however, indulge in dinner at the diner. We split a veggie sandwich and had a huge piece of bumble berry pie.

Todays route.


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