Working our way back south, Prince George BC

The day starts off sunny as we backtrack a little to get to the highway 29 turnoff north of town. Another scenic ride as the road follows the Peace river as it meanders through the farm country. We make a short side trip to the W.A.C. Bennett Dam though the dam road itself is closed. Impressive nonetheless.

We rejoin highway 97 south where traffic picks up and the cloud density increases. The terrain changes as well, getting more mountainous.  As we ride along 97 we pass small outposts of civilization but they are usually nothing more than a gas station. It all still looks and feels remote. The clouds open up again on us around McLeod Lake for about 15 minutes.

Campground choices are limited as we get closer to Prince George. The two that we knew of are right off the highway which has now become very busy and thus noisy. Neither looks appealing plus the weather isn’t that great and the thought of battling mosquitoes makes the decision to hotel it pretty easy. We end up at the Riviera City Centre Inn in downtown. It doesn’t compare to the Best Western Plus we were just at but it’ll have to do. At least the wi-fi is fast, the shower is hot and there are no mosquitoes.


Todays route.

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