8/18/21 – Three states in a day

That’s right. We started the day leaving Cascade River State Park in Minnesota, rode through Wisconsin on US 2 and ended up in Silver City, MI just outside the Porcupine Mountains, within walking distance to Lake Superior :-). A longer day of riding made more draining by a lot of construction and traffic on US 2. Waiting in line at a construction light regulating one lane traffic for 5-10 minutes with our riding gear on in 85F is not fun. You are literally soaked in sweat within minutes since the jacket vents only work when moving. Knowing it was going to be a long day, we had reserved the last campsite at Union River’s Big Bear campground  the day before.

‘Packed in like sardines’ comes to mind for this campground. Reach out and touch your neighbor … but it was the best we could do. At least we had electric and water at our site. We’ve had worse sites so one night was fine. 

This part of the upper peninsula is actually in the Eastern time zone and we are so far North (by our AZ standards) that the sun didn’t set until shortly after 21:00. I sure am glad Diane packed the eye shades so I could go to sleep. Weather note: Mid 80’s (30C) but way to much humidity at 65% by my desert standards. Limp map paper type of humidity, don’t care for that. We did walk down to the lake to check it out.

Having arrived late and tired, we didn’t do our usual next day planning. We decided to deal with it the next morning after a good nights sleep. The little bit of online checking we did that evening showed not only state & county parks to be pretty full but also the private campgrounds. 


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