Camp Kitchen

Eating on the road can be a challenge if you are not prepared to ‘cook’ for yourself.  Finding a place to eat three meals or even only two if you skip one is time consuming and inconvenient. Nothing to say of the available food choices or quality. The quotation marks around ‘cook’ are deliberate. Our ‘cooking’ involves nothing more than boiling hot water yet we still manage to eat semi-healthy. 

The meal plan is as follows: 

Breakfast consists of oatmeal, nuts and banana. We used to cook the oatmeal but it just made for a sticky mess and more clean-up. Instead, we just pour the boiling water over the oats and let them soak while we are having our morning drink. No oatmeal ‘slime’ and they taste great.

Lunch is half an apple and half a ProBar. We made some trail mix at home that we eat in between meals if we get hungry. 

Dinner consists of soups, stews, Tasty Bite Indian meals – basically any kind of fully cooked meal. We buy avocados, cucumbers and zucchini that we eat along with that meal to get at least some fresh greens. Here too, we stopped heating up the meals because we discovered they taste just as well cold, saving on dishes and clean-up. Chips and crackers usually also accompany dinner :-).

We used to carry bulky plates, full size Snow Peak cups and cookware with us which we switched out to a much more compact set-up for this trip. Using the Sea to Summit collapsible cups and bowls and a much simpler stove  and pot cut down on packing volume significantly.  Unlike on a backpacking trip where volume and weight are both critical factors, volume matters more on the motorcycle since the panniers have limited capacity.

Laid out in the photos you can see the bowls, cups, cutting board and collapsible coffee filter , two ‘sporks’ from Snow Peak , doggy poop bags we use as trash bags (just the right size), salt and pepper grinders, a folding knife, homemade washable napkins and a P-51 can opener.

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