8/19/21 – Riding the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

This morning, we spent over two hours figuring out where to go and stay. Not only are we approaching the weekend and the corresponding full campgrounds, but we also want/need a day off from riding which we haven’t had since Devils Tower, WY on the 9th :-o. We finally settled on a private campground in Crystal Falls, MI – a two hour ride and back in central time zone. Thankfully the host allowed us to check in early and select a site. 

So green. So many trees. So many bugs! Actually, it hasn’t been too bad. Haven’t had to break out the bug spray yet. Only the occasional mosquito at dawn or dusk but that was still enough to get tagged. Lots of logging trucks today, haven’t seen that density before. Otherwise a relaxing ride through the woods and fields.

Sitting here at our campsite brings back childhood memories. There are apple trees around the campground and with it the sweet smell of decaying apples on the ground, bramble berry bushes and what came as a complete surprise, a church bell that marks the top of the hour and half hour. I was in my teens the last time I heard that.


2 thoughts on “8/19/21 – Riding the Upper Peninsula of Michigan”

  1. This sounds (and the dew looks) like good old Germany! 😉 I hope you survived all the mosquitoes!

    1. Yes. It felt very much like Germany with the heavy dew in the morning. So far (knock on wood) the mosquitoes 🦟 have not been that bad. We would get the occasional one but have not used the repellent yet. Though as I’m typing this from the Wild River State Park in MN this will change tonight. 🦟 are out in broad daylight. Not a good sign.

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