8/23/21 – Riding across Wisconsin

This day was supposed to be a 245 mile day with 4:45 hours of riding according to Apple Maps. Well, without cell service and no detailed map and with all the county roads it took me a little longer to find the right route. We didn’t exactly get lost but burned some daylight getting on the right track.

Our effort was rewarded with a beautiful ride on state route 55 which was an official Wisconsin scenic byway. Rolling hills with gentle turns and great scenery of wooded sections interspersed with farming. We both liked it 👍

We would spend the rest of the day on US highway 8 riding west. We were afraid it would be boring and high speed but the speed limit is 55mph with many small towns along the way.

When we had planned our route last Friday, the Interstate State Park in MN showed plenty of availability. Not so today when Diane checked at a gas stop about an hour out from the park. It was completely booked! Crap. Thankfully the MN reservation websites shows nearby parks that still have availability so we ended up at Wild River State Park which is only about 10 miles up the road. Probably worked out for the better because, again, we have a sparsely populated campground with no neighbors.

Didn’t check-in until 15:15 though which is almost 7 hours on the road. That’s an unusually long day for us and our butts were letting us know in no uncertain terms — popo on Fire 🔥

Barely any cell service. Certainly not enough to upload any photos. The mosquitoes were bad, to the point that we had to break out the bug spray for the first time. Even then they were an annoyance so we were in the tent by 19:30. We did see some deer just walking past our campsite. Cool.


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