8/25/21 – BMW dealer visit #2

Dave at BAK Motors answered the phone when I called the store shortly after 9:00. I told him the backstory on the water pump repair and he said to stop by. They would look at and determine the severity of the leak and whether we could limp home or would have to get it taken care of then and there. 

Dave greeted us warmly, looked at the oil leak and said not to worry. The leak was small enough that we could get home and have it addressed by the dealer that did the original repair. It wouldn’t warrant a repair by his shop which would keep us stranded in Sioux City for a while. What a relief. Feeling much better, we looked over our maps (paper and electronic) trying to decide where to stay for the night. We settled on the Fremont Lakes State Recreation Area in Fremont, NE.

We left the dealer around 13:00 and rode the short stretch to the state park. We inadvertently managed to go through three states in a day again. Started in Minnesota, stopped at the dealer in Iowa and ended the day in Nebraska. Crazy. This was a long and stress full day that ended OK.

 The state park facilities had definitely seen better days. After paying $41 for the night ($25 for the campsite and $16 for two motorcycles) they still had a coin operated shower – not cool. Not to mention that it was a nasty shower. Hard pass.  Freight trains blowing their horns ran by the campground all night to boot. Did not sleep well and we got rained on again in the morning. Time to get further south away from this weather and humidity.


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