8/27/21 – Day of rest

Getting ready in the morning, including route planning for the next four days to get us home, started to feel frantic. While we want to get home there’s no reason to do so without regard for our own well being.

When Diane suggested we take a day off for the above reasons, my first reaction was ‘no’, being in the ‘I want to get home mode’. However, when I thought about it on my way to fill up our water bottles she had a valid point, our last day off was a week ago in Crystal Falls, MN. The last few days felt frantic because of the renewed water pump issue (calling dealers, changing our route). We still have about a 1000 miles to go before we get back home plus our campsite is nice and isolated, it’s quiet, clean showers & restrooms and good WiFi sealed the deal.

Time to take a breather. Give ourselves a break, do some route planning now that we have good wifi and just enjoy because, after all, we are still on vacation :-).

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