8/9/21 – Devils Tower, WY to Theodore Roosevelt National Park, ND

After a day of rest yesterday we kept going North. Another day of riding sideways 😩. 17-20mph side wind out of the West made for a long 200 miles. Route 85 had dots next to it on the map indicating it’s a scenic route. Hmmm.  Not so sure about that. Lots of treeless, brushless rolling hills of mostly grasslands and occasional agriculture. Could have been monotonous if it weren’t for the wind. 

We made it to the national park by 14:30 but the Cottonwood campground was already full. We ended up staying at a campground in Medora right outside the park. Nothing to write home about but it got us off the road which was a good thing  since we were both beat up from fighting the wind. Trivia. North Dakota is one of the five most windy states in the country. Figures. South Dakota is also in that group. Didn’t see a single wind turbine though. 🧐



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