Bye Bye F650GS

Selling a motorcycle one has fond memories associated with is always a bitter-sweet proposition.

Diane decided she was ready for a more modern bike so we put her 2007 BMW F650GS up for sale on Craigslist. Within two days, we had someone interested in the bike. Diane went into a little panic mode because she started to question her decision when she realized the potential buyer was serious. She really didn’t think it would sell that quickly. It took a few weeks for the deal to close (he was selling a car to finance the bike) but in the end it all worked out.

We think it’s fitting and it feels right that the new owner just received his motorcycle license endorsement and completed the motorcycle safety course. We are passing the bike on to the next ‘learner’ and newbie – may it serve him as well as it did us. We hope he stays safe and enjoys the bike.

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