Day of Rest

After six days of riding, setting up camp then taking down the camp, we are taking a day off and staying two nights in Osoyoos, BC. It’s nice to not have to pack up the tent in the morning and to take a break from the routine. The weather isn’t great (overcast and windy) but at least it’s not as cold as where we came from. Thankfully, the campsite has a nice shelter so we are out of the wind.

Speaking of campgrounds — we originally targeted another place based on the pictures on the website which showed nice, clean grounds with tent sites within the orchards. When we arrived, it looked more like a junk yard. Pass. We turned around and just up the street we stumbled on our current location, the Cabana Beach Campground, which didn’t even show up on our searches. Score.

We are currently enjoying our second cup of coffee & tea :-). We’ll probably walk into town later in the day to explore and get some exercise. Otherwise, no big plans for the day. Just sit back and relax. Good thing the campground is booked starting tomorrow for the Canada Day weekend or I’d have to pry Diane out of here. Hope we don’t have issues finding a camp spot at our next destination.

The pictures below are from yesterday’s short ride from Christina Lake to Osoyoos.

Yesterdays route.

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