8/12/21 Grand Falls East, MN to Lake Bemidji State Park, MN

The weekend is coming up and Minnesotans are heading to the parks if the availability of Friday and Saturday camping spots is any indication. Red ‘X’s for most campsites on those days but plenty of ‘green’ (available) during the week. With all the riding in the wind we have been doing we decided to reserve two nights at the Lake Bemidji State Park campground – the destination for today.

Another side note :-). Motorcycle chain maintenance. The owners manual calls for adjusting and lubing the chain every 600 miles (1000km). I’m pretty good on keeping that maintenance cycle. ]

Well, the last couple adjustments on the BMW F700GS chain required quite a few turns of the adjustment screws and the chain ‘felt’ loose, too much play, it’s hard to describe. A source of concern. After each day’s ride the chain was out of adjustment specs. Now, that definitely shouldn’t be the case and my worry meter just went up to 9.

After a first technical consultation with my good friend Chad I thought we could make it through the remainder of the trip on the chain. After another consultation with Chad and using the guide in the owners manual to determine if the chain has reached its max stretch length (it had) I started making calls to BWM dealers in the Minneapolis metro area.

Since it was the end of the day I was only able to talk to one dealer which had fair prices for aftermarket (sprockets and chains – when changing a chain the front and rear sprockets also need to be changed otherwise the worn sprockets will wear out the new chain in no time) and labor but a 4-5 day delivery schedule for the parts. Not so good, so I was going to call more dealers the next day. …. more to come.


2 thoughts on “8/12/21 Grand Falls East, MN to Lake Bemidji State Park, MN”

  1. Thanks for putting the Celsius in for your Aussie followers! Wow ……thats my winter mornings. A bit chilly!

    1. You bet 🙂 – and not just Aussies, pretty much the rest of the world sans five countries. Even after living the majority of my life in the U.S. but having grown up with the metric system I still struggle at times with imperial and Fahrenheit, so don’t get me started on wrench sizes defined in fractions like 7/16″ :-o.

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